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The paper is typed in A4 size with 3.0 cm margins from the left, 1 cm margins from the right, 2 cm from the top and from the bottom. Typestyle – Times New Roman (Cyr), type size – 14, line spacing – 1.5.

Original papers must include the following sections: 1) UDK, summary and keywords; 2) introduction; 3) materials and methods of research; 4) results of the research; 5) discussion of the results (addition to the previous section is permitted), 6) conclusion; 7) the list of references.

In case of revising the paper, the date of presenting the last copy of it is considered to be the date of accepting it by the editorial stuff.

The title of the paper must be brief (not more than 10 essential words) and correspond to the content of the paper.

The title of the paper, initials, information about the authors (surname, patronymic, scientific degree and academic rank, position, the full name of the organization and its address, working and home telephones, e-mail), summaries and keywords must be typewritten on a separate sheet in the Russian and English languages.

Figures should be typewritten in tables with explanations in the text. However, they must be clear without referring to the text of the paper. The tables must be compact and have the ordinal number. The data should be processed statistically in the SI system.

Species names at the first mention must be given in Latin, in italics, with the author’s name. Further, the names of taxons must be typewritten of author’s own choice.

It is recommended to describe the results in the past tense. In the section “Discussion”, it is advisable to show the novelty of the results and give references to the illustrative material of the paper and to other authors’ data.

Lists of references must be typewritten in parentheses, by surnames, in succession of publication. It is recommended to avoid bulky references and give priority to the papers of the past few years.

Pictures must be black-and-white, on white paper, maximum size – 120×120 mm. Experimental points must be plotted on the graphs (except continuous monitoring); each line must have notation. Only measurable quantity and its dimension must be plotted.

The list of the quoted references must be typewritten on separate pages with the surnames and initials of all the authors in accordance with the requirements placed on thesis work.

The summary must be presented in Russian and English. It must describe briefly the essence of the paper and not exceed 200 significant words.