President: the Rector of the Kuban State Agrarian University of Krasnodar Trubilin A.I., Dr. in Economics, professor


Head editor: Belyuchenko I.S., Dr. in Biology, professor


Deputy Head editor: Terpelets V.I., Dr. in Agriculture, professor


Editorial Board:


General Ecology: Akatov V.V., professor, Russia, Maikop;

Anthropogenic Ecology: Dzibov D.S., professor, Russia, Stavropol; Nuriev K.K., professor, Uzbekistan, Gulistan;

Monitoring of Ecology Systems: Smagin A.V., professor, Russia, Moscow; Titova V.I., professor, Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod;

Biological Resources: Onipchenko V.G., professor, Russia, Moscow; Kotchaev A.G., professor, Russia, Krasnodar;

Ecological Condition of Soils and Water Systems: Terpelets V.I., professor, Russia, Krasnodar; Fedonenko E.V., professor, Ukrain, Dnepropetrovsk;

Pollution of Biotic and Abiotic Components of Ecosystems: Bozina T.V., reader, Russia, Krasnoyarsk;

Domestic, Industrial and Agricultural Waste: Belyuchenko I.S., professor Russia, Krasnodar; Lissukho N.A., reader, Belarus, Minsk;

Natural Disasters: Mustafayev B.A., professor, Kazakhstan, Pavlodar; Mel’nik O.A., reader, Russia, Krasnodar;

System Analysis of Ecological Researches: Popok L.B., reader, Russia, Krasnodar; Tovasarov A.D., General Manager of “The Centro-Asian Institute of Ecological Researches”, Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata.