Dear authors and readers of “The North Caucasus Ecological Herald”!
     The journal “The North Caucasus Ecological Herald” has been published since 2005. It’s appearance is related to the formation of the Faculty of Ecology at the Kuban State Agrarian University in 1995. The journal was created on the initiative and with the direct participation of Professor Ivan Stepanovich Belyuchenko, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Head of the Department of General Biology and Ecology, the Honored Worker of Agriculture of Russia and Honored Scientist of Kuban region.
     Initially, the journal published the results of original research by scientists from the South of Russia and the North Caucasus, as well as staff of the Department of General Biology and Ecology on the reclamation of disturbed lands, waste recycling, and the formation of composts based on organic agricultural waste and mineral industrial waste. However, over time, largely due to the annual environmental conferences supported by the university administration and the direct work of the Editorial Board of the journal, publications now represent all regions of Russia, as well as other countries.
     The scientific and theoretical journal “The North Caucasus Ecological Herald” in the process of its development has not only gone beyond the regional framework, but also significantly expanded the topics of published articles. Each issue of the journal publishes more than 10 articles on the environmental aspects of various studies in the field of agricultural and industrial production, nature protection and biodiversity conservation based on the results of monitoring the environmental situation in agrarian and urban ecosystems and natural landscapes , modeling of biospheric processes, methodology of ecological monitoring and improvement of the state of the environment.
The journal “The North Caucasus Ecological Herald” publishes papers, both theoretical and applied, in the following sections: General Ecology, Applied Ecology, Monitoring of Ecological Systems, Biodiversity and Bio-Resources, Ecological Situation in Rural Areas.
     To date, 18 volumes and 71 issues of the journal have been published.
     The journal is registered by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media in the register of mass media as of December 10, 2021, series PI No. FS77-82390 of December 08, 2021.
     The journal is registered in the RSCI database, it is released quarterly. All materials undergo a mandatory review procedure. The editorial staff of the journal aims to further improve the quality of peer review through the involvement of leading internal and external experts. The Editorial Board adheres to the principle of free access to published materials. For this purpose, a website of the journal has been organized in Russian and English, containing the full text of articles with annotations.
     You can subscribe to our journal on the website of the Book-Service Agency. Subscription index 58361. The journal is open for discussions, exchange of opinions and experience. We invite scientists from the North-Western Caucasus and all regions of Russia to participate in publications. Articles are printed free of charge.
I wish all the authors and readers of the journal creative success in scientific research.


A. G. Koshaev
Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Doctor of Biol. Sciences