The journal publishes papers concerning all branches of theoretical and applied Ecology and ecological aspects of Biology including review articles with new concepts, principles and approaches to solving ecological problems, as well as synopses that give an account of new research methods. Articles about methodical works and innovative methods of teaching ecological and biological disciplines in institutions of higher education are also accepted for publishing.

Special attention is paid to the problems of waste utilization and re-utilization, soil re-cultivation, to the results of scientific and practical researches on waste treatment and ecological systems management in the regions of different economic use, as well as to the results of estimation and to the measures for maintaining the of water, soil and air systems quality. Ecological advertisement is welcome.

One more section is planning in the Journal – “Brief Questions and Answers on Ecological Challenges”. Experts in the fields of Biology, Medicine, Law, Technology and Management will answer the questions.

The main sections of the Journal:

  1. General Problems of Ecology;
  2. Reproduction of Bio-resources;
  3. Surveys;
  4. Ecological Education;
  5. The History of Science;
  6. Discussions;
  7. Jubilees, Memorials;
  8. Synopses;
  9. Reviews.

The editorial Board of the journal “The North Caucasus Ecological Herald” invites specialists working in the field of theoretical and practical Ecology: teachers, researchers and post-graduate students to participate in the pre-publishing and issuing of our Journal sending their papers for publication.