The journal “The North Caucasus Ecological Herald”

Журнал Экологический Вестник Северного Кавказа

The journal “The North Caucasus Ecological Herald” was founded in the department of Biology and Ecology of the Kuban State Agrarian University in 2005. The journal publishes the results of theoretical and practical researches on Ecology.

Languages of publishing: Russian, English.

The articles are provided with summaries/papers in Russian and English. Voluminous works can be published as separate releases.

The basic ideology of the Journal: trends, the subjects of the current issue, selection of the articles, as well as reviewing, scientific and literary editing, correcting and computer imposing – is determined and put into practice by the stuff of the scientific workers and teachers of the Biology and Ecology department who carry out scientific and practical researches on waste re-utilization, soil re-cultivation, creating complex composts for the purpose of improving soil fertility, and other methods of ecological system of agriculture.

The Journal includes such sections as “Information” in which current news about conferences, courses of study, etc. is published, “News Items” where jubilees and memorials are reflected, and “Reviews” in which various problems are discussed.

Holding classes, the department gives the opportunity to the ecologists-experts to improve their professional skills on treating waste (the internally-correspondence form of training).