Ethical rules for authors

  • The authors are responsible for the originality of the submitted work and guarantee that this work is not published by another publisher in any language and is not being reviewed at the same time in another journal.
  • The authors shall ensure that the list of authors includes only those who have made a significant contribution to this study, and people who have earned this right are not deprived of it. The responsible author is an intermediate link between the editors of the journal and other authors and shall inform the co-authors about the main stages of publication.
  • The authors are collectively responsible for the content of their publications and shall check calculations, formulas, tables and graphics, and correctly describe all methods and results.
  • The authors shall publish their results without falsifying or misrepresenting them.
  • Textual information, images or ideas belonging to other authors shall be submitted with appropriate links. Original text taken from external works should be put in quotation marks. Quotations and references to other works shall be accurate and formatted in accordance with the requirements.
  • The paper shall indicate the sources of funding for the study.
  • The authors should work in collaboration with the editors of the journal to correct errors when they are found.
  • The authors shall respond to reviewers' comments correctly and in a timely manner.

Ethics of peer review

  • The editors guarantee proper conduct of an independent review of materials, which ensures the honesty and objectivity of the statement regarding the scientific value of the article intended for publication.
  • The editors use the services of independent reviewers in relation to materials considered for publication by selecting persons with sufficient experience and no conflict of interest.
  • Independent reviewers are informed of requirements applied to them, as well as information about any changes in editorial policies.
  • Any manuscript received for review is treated as a confidential document. The work shall not be disclosed or discussed with anyone not authorized to do so by the editor.
  • The reviewers are notified that the manuscripts sent to them are the intellectual property of the authors and shall not be disclosed.
  • The reviewers have no right to communicate information regarding the manuscript (including information about its receipt, content, review process, critical comments of reviewers and the final decision) to anyone other than editorial staff. Violation of confidentiality is possible only in the case of statements about the unreliability or falsification of materials, in all other cases, its preservation is mandatory.
  • The reviewers are not allowed to make copies of articles for their own needs. They have no right to use knowledge of the content of the work prior to its publication in their own interests.
  • The reviewers do not participate in the review of manuscripts in case of conflicts of interest due to competitive, collaborative and other interactions and relationships with any of the authors, companies or other organizations associated with the submitted work.
  • The editors keep the personal data of reviewers confidential.

Ethics of publications editing and publishing

  • The guiding principles of editorial activity are relevance, importance, clarity, reliability, validity of the published research material.
  • All editorial processes are described in information materials for authors; the requirements for authors, the types of published materials, as well as the process of processing materials by the journal are indicated.
  • The editors shall provide the authors with a complete list of requirements.
  • The editors decide whether or not to accept the article for publication based on all the comments of independent reviewers in general. The final editorial decision and the reasons for making it are communicated to the authors.
  • The editorial office shall respond to all statements or suspicions of misconduct in relation to the research or publication, coming from readers, reviewers or other editors.
  • In order to ensure the reliability of published data by making corrections when indisputable errors are found in the work, it is possible to make appropriate corrections or correct typographical errors as soon as possible. The online version of the material is corrected with the date of correction and a link to the printed list of errata. In the event that an error invalidates the work or a significant part of it, the article is retracted with an indication of the reason.
  • The editors have no authority to make decisions about content in which they have a conflict of interest.
  • The editorial board pursues a policy of including highly qualified members in the editorial board and the editorial council, contributing to the active development of the journal

The publisher and the editors of the scientific and theoretical journal “The North Caucasus Ecological Herald” shall control all stages of the publication of articles and comply with ethical and other obligations associated with the publication of articles.